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Jul 13, 2006 at 05:00 PM

Show default value and change them in selection pop-up


Hello experts!

Very hard problem I think but we have to solve it.

In Query Selection-Screen I want to show default values which came out of a customer-exit at i_step = 1. This works.

Then I want to change the values manually in the Selection-Screen. This changed values shall be processed for the query. But I additionally want to process this values with further ABAP-coding. This doesn't work.

The problem is that to show a default value, I have to create a variable which is customer-exit AND ready for input. But then this variable is not going to execute i_step = 2 where I could do my ABAP processing.

One solution we tried is to take two variables, one customer-exit , ready for input, another as customer-exit NOT ready to input. We then read the value from the first. This works fine but only for single value selections. Not for selection-options.

Simply you can say:

->show value in selection -> change value manually -> process value in programm -> select data in BW.

Thats what I want.

Does someone can help me for this problem?

Best regards,