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Mar 08, 2017 at 11:09 AM

Missing InfoObject in GUI and BWMT


Hello Community,

I'm currently facing the following issue:

In the BW-MT I created a new measure ZEKCURR which references 0CURRENCY. After successful activation I'm neither able to see it in the 'Units' folder, nor display it in SAPGUI RSA1. I'm also not able to find it via search. (Sapgui & BWMT)

As an result it cannot be used in (for example) an ADSO, too. Its simple not there. Creating a new Unit with the same properties & Reference leads to the error that it already exists.

Searching for that missing IOBJ in the Basis-Tables RSDIOBJ and RSDUNI showed, that ZEKCURR is up and in Version A - weird!

Since the IOBJ manipulation is only available in BWMT, I cannot try manipulate it via RSD1 - I'm only able to display it there. Is there any test or repair for this in RSD1?

Do you have any suggestions to make it available for regular use? If so, I would kindly ask you for the required steps to fix it.

Best Regards,