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Jul 13, 2006 at 02:26 PM

Inconsistent Integration Builder browser performance


We've been experiencing poor IB performance. When launching transaction SXMB_IFR, sometimes the browser can take 2 minutes or more to load the page. Other times, the page comes right up (<2sec). All links (SLD, RWB, Admin, etc...) experience the same slow or fast load times (but they do work). The native SAP GUI transactions run fine, and once the Int Rep and Int Dir load, they run fine also.

I've checked SM59 entries, refreshed caches, run various checks (SLDCHECK), refreshed/closed browser, rebooted, read install and config guides, read a million posts/blogs, etc... but nothing seems to directly impact the performance.

I'm guessing it's something internal to our network, but I have no clue how to isolate the problem.

Any ideas?

XI box is a Sun e10k w/8gigs of RAM and 8 400Mhz CPUs (yeah it's old, but we're not asking much of it either)

Thanks in advance,