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Jul 13, 2006 at 02:04 PM

hi some small doutes


hi friens

small doutes plz replay in bref.

1 what is convertional routine?

2 diff between search help and match code?

3 best way to solve nested select statement?

4 what is t.code for application server?

5 easy way to handle table control in bdc?

6 best method to performe the report?

7 in alv to print footer wht is the process?

8 if we have both dev and testing in same sys wht is the process to transport?

9 what is version magement?

10 in interactive repoting hide area for all list same r for each list they will be seprate?

11 wht is the process to use lock object?

12 how to debugg a smart form?

13wht will happen when we use stop in prog?

14if we find a error in bdc what will be the sy-subrc?

while we r doing bdc if suddenly power failure what will happens?

15 what is the process to handle multiple transtions in bcd session?

16 i what to learn smart forms & bapi & ale ,idocs what is easy why to learn quickly?