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Counter Based Preventive Plans

Hi, I have the following queries:

  • For LOS entry in bulk for say section a specific section, we have to enter a value > 0 like atleast 1, for system to accept it and save it in IK17 or IK34. Why can’t it accept 0 as some machine in standby modes are not used for months?
  • Is there a way to enter data other than hours of the oil changes in IK17 or IK34 like quantity & type of oil used? Can new fields be added on these screens?
  • In IK34, system does not allow to save unless all entries are done. Sometimes only first two or any few or just last entry needs to be done. The system does not even allow to scroll down in IK34 to enter values if previous row entries are missing. This is taking too much time.

Appreciate a response to me above queries.

Thanks Faisal

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