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People do not reward points

Hi, is it just me or do I see a decline in people giving points to answers?

More and more, it seems that people think points are something like their money that is better put on a bank account rather then spent for answers.

I personally hate it, if you spend 15 minutes in researching an answer and not even get 2 points.

Plus, recently, I have seen someone nearly writing a full page of a very good answer and not even receive a "thank you" from the requester.

I would like to ask everybody, to reward where a reward is due. It does not hurt anyone, if, in doubt, points are rather given than withheld.

Don't be a scrooge.

just my 2 cents

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    Jul 13, 2006 at 12:30 PM


    I do definitely agree with you. Many a time , you spend quality time looking for possible threads and reply to the same , but then the post never gets looked at and fades into anonimity.

    Not only points , closing long standing posts is also an issue. Post a question , get the answer , forget about it.

    Maybe we can have something like :

    for each profile : Points earned , points awarded also , that way if you need a post to be answered , the ratio of questions posed to points given should be reasonable.

    My 0.02


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    • Hi,

      I think that we can keep complain and nag as long as we want, nothing will help. There has been a lot of forum threads and blogs, includingh grumpies like /people/eddy.declercq/blog/2006/05/19/from-the-grumpy-old-man-the-points-of-no-return

      and /people/eddy.declercq/blog/2006/02/10/from-the-grumpy-old-man-im-not-an-addict

      . Additionaly there are the sticky notes by Craig, Brian and the footer in the mail, but some people remain unteachable.


  • Jul 13, 2006 at 11:45 AM

    Hi Holger,

    I hear you and agree that when the expectation exists that you are acknowledged for your good deeds it is frustrating to be ignored.

    I believe that "playing" well in the system is the result of experience and also education.

    When you become the person "answering" questions (which for some is an evolution of their role of "lurker" or "asker") one can start to understand that it feels nice to be thanked or recognized.

    Although we could blog endlessly about this, and I believe some of us <a href="/people/eddy.declercq/blog/2006/01/26/the-grumpy-old-mans-disappointment blogged about similar disappointments</a> 😊, one can't force people to "play nicely". We can only hope that once someone becomes engaged in the game, they realize how important it is to give as well as receive.

    Thanks so much for your comments!


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  • Jul 14, 2006 at 09:06 AM

    Hi Holger,

    I agree with your comments and most important point over here is that people does not close their qustion even after receiving more that what they have asked for.

    I think this is an awareness issue and forum member needs to be educated about it.

    my 2 cents .. there should be some kind of mail send to every new joinee on how to go post a question and how to reward points for it.

    Hope Moderator take this into considerations.

    Greetings !!!

    Message was edited by: Ravi

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