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Jul 13, 2006 at 08:09 AM

basics of Enhancing datasource


Hi gurus,

I have a basic doubt on enhancements.

I have a data source based on an R/3 table. I have already pulled data from this datasource to BW(using Full Update). Now i want to enhance my datasource with a new field. Now...

what exactly the meaning of enhancement?

I think... It is populating the new field for the existing records in the cube without deleting and reloading.

I have used this procedure.

enhanced the datasource in RSA6.

uncheck the hide option and generated the datasource.

replicated datasource.

Now I create a project in CMOD to populate the Datasource using RSAP0001.

wrote code in include structure.

Activated the project.


what are the next steps I need to take from this step onwards...??

1) do i need to execute the project? OR

2) run another full upload? If I do full upload, all data will be populated again ofcourse with new field also. But I dont need all the data records again. OR

3) run Delta update... i.e. If i would have delta enabled my data source...(i.e. running an init load rathar than running a full load at first step), and now running a delta can populate the new field alone..???

Ultimately... which action populates the only new enhanced field...??? please confirm in detail.