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Mar 08, 2017 at 07:52 AM

Mixing information from different pages from same transaction



I'm running SAP Personas 3.0 SP3 and I want to condensate informations of VA01 transaction in one single screen. For instance, on the same screen I want to have some general information (like Sold-To party and All items table) but also some header details (like Texts that are in a specific header detail tab (on another screen).

From previous posts, I noticed following answer "... You can't merge data from difference screens ... You can write a script to navigate to another screen, copy data, navigate back and paste that data into custom fields you've added to the first screen. That works well enough for small numbers of fields, is OK but cumbersome for large numbers of fields ...".

Anything new in this issue, or something less cumbersome if I have different fields to display ? I assume my scenario is hitting to the boarder of what Personas is (actually) able to do, right ?

Thanks for any comment.