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Former Member
Jul 12, 2006 at 03:34 PM

Missing layout set?


Hi you all!

I have a problem that migth be caused by a missing layout set. The problem is that I know more or less nothing about these.

I have a role with a set of pages as an entrypoint and under this there are som more sets of pages and among these sets is of course another entrypoint. This one holds four pages which are shown in the detailed navigation. Nothing strange up to here but now to my problem: when I click a certain one of these four "links" in the det.nav. nothing at all is shown. It just happens to this very page and not to the other three.

I have opened the role in question in our dev-portal where the page works and have made comparisons to the prod-portal but can't find any differenses. Can anyone tip me of about where to find the layout set which will affect the level in question in the structure described? The only place where I can find this attribute is at the settings of an iView on the page that errors and this iView isn't even shown. The name of it is "Site Files Master Iview" if it's a standard one and if it's of help to the solution.

Best regards

Benny Lange