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Mar 07, 2017 at 09:48 PM

Issue with Filter Line Component in a Tabstrip ( design stuido 1.6 SP3 V)


Hello Everyone,

We are on DS 1.6 SP3 Version.

I have a tab strip which has 5 tabs (Tab1, tab2, tab3, tab4, tab5 ). In each of the tab I am using cross tab/chart and filter line components. In Filter tine properties --> Display --> Measures Visible by default it was false. for all my tabs. So based on this property, if you apply any filter at the DS_1 level all the measure filters will display in the dashboard output. But recently, user has requested to apply the filter on the filterline component, so that he can select the required measures in the dashboard. So I have modified tab 5 filter line component --> Display --> Measures Visible to true. So with this property, users are able to apply filter on the measures. But this setting is also messing up the other tabs and I could able to apply filter by measure for all the other tabs ( tab1,tab2,tab3, tab4 ) as well, even though its property measure visible = false. Not sure, why this is behaving like this. so just want to check with you how to apply filter my measure for only tab ?

Appreciate all your inputs in advance.