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Former Member
Jul 11, 2006 at 05:59 PM

Tasks being fired twice


Hi experts.

My question regards to a workflow over the FIPP object.

This workflow has two parallel branches but only the completion of one is necessary. One branch contains a subworkflow that includes the "post document" task and the other branch contains a wait-event task that waits for the "posted" event of the object, this last branch is useful to prevent the posting of the document from "out" of the WF proccess.

The problem is that when the subworkflow is ended, and the document is posted, the task behind the parallel branches is being fired twice (it's a user's decission task, and the user is receiving it duplicated in the inbox). It seems that both branches complete its execution and continues like two different parallel "threads" with the execution without unifying in only one "thread" of execution.

Is this a performance issue? How can i slow one branch to prevent this behaviour??

Thanks and regards.