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Jul 11, 2006 at 04:44 PM

Internal table question


Hi Everybody-

I am very new to SAP and i have question regarding internal tables. I have struture called "ZMI_VENDOR_TO_BW_GENERIC_V_TAB" which i get from another sap system thru SAP XI. Now i need to traverse thru this structure and add these values into custom database table. So i have declared an internal table like below

<b>data:itab_venkat type ZMI_VENDOR_TO_BW_GENERIC_V_TAB occurs 10.

data vendorid type c.

itab_venkat = Input-Generic_Vendor-Generic_Vendor_Record1.

LOOP AT itab_venkat.

vendorid = itab_venkat-generic_vendor_id1.



i am getting an error saying occurs cannot be used and also getting an error at the loop statement, Can somebody please correct me, i am very new to the loop i am getting the vendor id and then i should update the database table.

Please help me.

Thank you