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AMDP Error: Invalid function or procedure


i have this AMDP class which is activated and have no issue at all.

However while debugging i'm noticing an error as shown below.

Even though i can see activated class method in SE24 but it is giving this error. Could anybody please let me know reason for this.


hana02.jpg (95.5 kB)
hana01.jpg (156.2 kB)
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  • i did as below and it worked:

    i) for each of my AMDP method there are two version in schema (SAP<sysid>). one is <method_name> and another one is <method_name#timestamp>. i believe this timestamp is nothing but time of last activation.

    ii) i was calling <method_name> from my report program but it did not work.

    iii) for once i call <method_name#timestamp> directly from SQL console. it worked.

    iv) lastly i called <method_name> from my report program. now its working here as well.

    what i concluded here is that last activated version should be called at least once before calling it in report (i have read same in standard document also). Of course what i did is not a proper way of doing this so please let me know your comments.

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4 Answers

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    Mar 09, 2017 at 07:06 AM

    This is not an "error" and it shouldn't concern you.

    The method PARSE_HDB_MSG_FOR_STACK is part of the AMDP-framework. It should only be reached during the first call of an AMDP-method when the DB objects generated by the AMDP-framework are not yet available.

    After the first succesful call you shouldn't reach that method in the debugger any more. Do you?

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    • Absolutely correct ! but it never returned any data to me as well. however as i mentioned above when i executed it (<Method#Timestamp>) from console once and after that it started giving me data even from report pgm as well.

      Thanks for your comment !

  • Mar 07, 2017 at 06:31 PM

    What are you debugging and after which actions? The question is rather: Can you call your method and if not, what is the exception? Are you running at HANA as standard database?

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  • Mar 08, 2017 at 10:27 AM


    i) i put a break point in procedure in ABAP perspective and running it as 'ABAP application'. i debugged it from my report program as well wherein im calling this method.

    ii) yes, i can see method is getting called but it is not taking me inside the method. From the first line (METHOD GET_MATERIAL BY DATABASE PROCEDURE FOR HDB...) it is taking me to some standard code and there it is giving me error as i mentioned initially.

    iii) yes, im on AS ABAP 750 with HDB as primary.


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  • Mar 08, 2017 at 04:57 PM

    What happens if you call your method without debugging? Is there an exception? Which?

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