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Mar 07, 2017 at 03:49 PM


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Hi Gurus!

I need to create the following authorization:

The user can access to Cust_group = "1" and "2" where Cust_group2 = *. But, for Cust_group = 3 he only access where Cust_group2 = "1" . I created two

authorizations objects where:

- Cust_group = 1 and 2 / Cust_group2 = *

- Cust_group = 3 / Cust_group2 = 1

I appened these objects in a role.Running the query, If I add a filter Cust_group = 3 and Cust_group2 = 1, it shows the correct data.But If change to Cust_group = 3 and Cust_group2 = * the query shows an authorization error. With this filter I'd like that the query shows me the customers from Cust_group2 = 1 and Cust_group = 3

. I tried creating a Composite Role, but it didn't solve this issue...

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Frédéric Cincet Mar 07, 2017 at 05:12 PM

This kind of problem is usually solved by authorization variables.

The note 668520 will explain you why you can't in your case (multidim authorization) and will give you some possible workarounds.



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Thanks for reply. I saw the note and I think I have to use fm RSSB_GET_AUTHS_FILTERED. Do you know how to use?

Inside the user exit variable,In which step I have to use it? Do you have an example?



There is an example in the documentation of the FM (SE37/Documentation). I personnaly never used it.



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