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Jul 11, 2006 at 05:53 AM

write: g UNDER h.


I m trying to write data under columns using UNDER . But it is not working as my case is somewht different.

In my program it is not fixed that under which column data has to be set. Hence when cursor enters the loop it identifies the data concatenates that cost centre and 'Power' into a string variable and writes UNDER that variable value which is already printed as heading. But it is not working. PLZ help. The code is as follows.


loop at t_smry

if t_smry-kostl ne 'INTER'.

w_tempkostl = t_smry-kostl+4(6).

concatenate w_tempkostl ' - Power ' into w_power_heading.

concatenate w_tempkostl ' - Labour ' into w_Labour_heading.

concatenate w_tempkostl ' - Over Head ' into w_OH_heading.

concatenate w_tempkostl ' - Deprction ' into w_Dep_heading.


write: t_smry-w_Power under w_power_heading,

t_smry-w_Labour under w_Labour_heading,

t_smry-w_OH under w_OH_heading,

t_smry-w_Dep under w_Dep_heading.


The values for w_power_heading,w_Labour_heading,w_OH_heading,w_Dep_heading will differ .

Plz provide some other solution if UNDEr wont work in this scenario.