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Jul 10, 2006 at 01:23 PM

Admin View or Functionality for the Business Process Owner



I have a requrirement that Business Process Owner (not the IT person), should be able the search the process instances and take action on them like "terminate process" or "Change Authorization".

However the Business Process Owner do not want to go through the "Guided Procedures" -> "Administration" -> "General" menu clicks.

Business Process Owner should able ONLY to get to "Maintain Processes" option of the "General" or "Overview" menu.


Business Proces Owner would like find the process instances based on only the Instance Name and/or Instance Status and/or Start Date Range.

Is there a prebuilt functionality or is there way to utilize the SAP CAF delivered components by configuring the permission/roles.

IF NOT, how to access the process instance data so I can custom build this kind of functionality.