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Jul 10, 2006 at 12:22 PM

Trace file to the admin


Hi! This is regarding the trace file. We can configure the trace file to the required level


When I want to send the trace file to the server it gives the message "Trace file will be sent to server at next synchronization"

My doubt where can I actually see this trace file in the server?

In the WebConsole there is a tab "Display Installation Logs and Traces".Is this

the place where administrator can view the trace file of the client device?.

Here it displas only Notification Category of type W and E only.Can we set it to ALL,so that I can see the full(full I mean trace level to any of above mentioned levels) trace generated in the client.

2) In CCMS( transaction code RZ20) There is an option for Client Logs(in Logs and Traces->

SAP MI Client Component->SAP MI Client Logs->Client Logs).Here there is a selection screen

to view the trace corresponding to the Device Id and User.

Which among these two is the standard location for the administrator to see the client trace details?

Can the Administrator see the entire trace file(set to any level of trace). I am a bit

confused in this.Please help me.

Thank you.