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Internal Logistics Approvals

Hi All,

Do any users know of a way of controlling stock issues from a warehouse that includes an approval phase?

In our set-up, we currently do this via a Consumption for Cost Centre posting which has no checking or approval step so the poster can post whatever they like, which is open to both errors and possible corruption. This is hard to understand – effectively postings of considerable quantity and value are allowed without a checking process. In our case this includes movement of high value stock items from warehouse to individual cost centres. I am sure this is the case in many other businesses that use ByDesign?

Does anyone else experience this and do you have any system or manual controls to mitigate this?

We thought we would ask the community here. In the meantime we will follow up with SAP as to whether an amendment to ByDesign is possible to have the Consumption for Cost Centre go through an approval step like PO’s, invoices and other documents do.


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1 Answer

  • Oct 21, 2017 at 06:14 AM


    Standard SAP doesnt have an approval process for goods movements except physical inventory as of my knowledge. If you need a control based on a target value for a period, you may consider internal order budgeting or Funds Management options.

    If you need the approval process for each and every goods movement based on value or any similar criteria, you need to think about development - you may check BADI: MB_MIGO_BADI or the enhacement: MBCF0002 or a complete custom program with BAPI:

    BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE. However, this can be risky since a user can request for a GI and while its in approval process, another user can also request the same item and it may be approved and issued before the first request is approved - you need to consider all such points if you go for a development.

    If the GI is always based on reservation, you may think about custom approval in reservation level as well. Refer the similar thread:



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