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Mar 07, 2017 at 11:27 AM

bo4 enterprise e-mail notification not in use



looking in cmc, looks to be an option whereby can set up email notification if report didn't run.

When try this looks to work O.K and sends if report fails.

I have a few questions

1) Assume this is report specific - is there a global setting somewhere whereby could say send email to specific users if several reports failed to run - have an audit report for this but wondered if something similar.

2) Assume can only set this up via cmc and no option via launchpad - is this the case?

3) Is there any performance impcat for enabling this - if is would expect to be negligible o is this the case?


P.S. In this new forum is there a way to set up email notifications when get a response to a question and is there a way to set default tags e.g sap business objects enterprise platform?