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Jul 10, 2006 at 05:40 AM

problem in filling the setup tables



Can any one help answering this its very urgent

1. Filling the set up tables

I am mentioning here the run name, Termination date & time I say execute ,it is giving me the error

Error determining rate foreign currency INR local currency

Eur date 02.01.1997(doc 4969)

What I should do to solve this

Then I have entered the document no b/w 33 to 4968 & execute the setup table but I want to check whether the records came in to RSA3 when I am trying to check it is displaying the msg by giving the short dump call cust enhancement EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001(CMOD) with 60 records

In the short dump I can see the code of 0fi_gl_4 i.e.,we did enhancement for 0fi_gl_4 and added two zfields so to populate data for those fields we have written the code but when I go to RSA3 and check my datasrc 2lis_11_vahdr it is giving the short dump with this code what might be the reason .I went to table VBAK in which kunnr field exists & I went to bseg table whxih is having the field kunnr & both the fields are using the same data element so I thought that might be the problem so I have commented the Kunnr field in my code but still that problem is arising so I have commented the entire code which we have written for populating the data in to zfields then I cant see the short dump when I am checking the records for 2lis_11_vahdr ,but what might be the problem

Thanks in advance