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Post installation steps after BOFC fresh installation

Mar 07, 2017 at 10:24 AM


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Our support team is only maintenance of BOFC system, but no one did implementation of this system from initially.

Now we plan to install fresh installation on our test environment, also we have some questions.

We have installed new(fresh) installation of BOFC. Also we migrate three datasourses:

1. StarterKit IFRS (migrate+installation SK, installation is succsessful)

2. Empty FC (we run only migrate)

3. Empty FC (we run only migrate)

Both datasourses is available, we may login there.

After installation StarterKit, it became to TOP:

Empty FC(2 and 3) became clear:

As my basic knowledge I know that TOP is development system, now we need to create from "empty FC" quality and production systems.

How to configure all of that? (sites, transports, etc.)

What is the best practice of first steps configuration?

From Master, Installation guide I didn't find detail information about it.

Thanks in advance...

SAP Financial Consolidation 10.1 SP04 (Oracle 11g DB)

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3 Answers

Marc Kuipers
Mar 07, 2017 at 04:33 PM

Hello Daulet,

The use of sites is often linked to the business setup, see Section 4 (Business Scenarios for SAP Financial Consolidation) in the Master Guide

Most customers who use FC, define a TOP site to develop (setup of dimensions, reports, Category etc.) and then push these to QA and PROD, which are child-sites (so, no changes can be made accidentally)

Technically, the sites need to be initialized. First thing is to install FC with the correct setting in "defaultlanguages.xml file"

You can read about this in Defining a Top or Child Database

Then, on the TOP site, you define the other sites

For example:

A site has a type, depending on this certain actions can or cannot be performed

You can read more about sites and their setup in the User Guide, see

The sites themselves (i.e. the ones you defined in the TOP site) will get initialized once a send/receive task is performed

So, if you create a task like this:

Once you receive the objects in your new (empty) site, it will become 0100.CHILD (in this example).

Be aware: once the site is initialized, it will be hard to change (not impossible, but the SQL can get complicated)

All objects in FC will have identifiers based on the site where they were created. There is a good blog on this topic

This mechanism ensures that you cannot make changes to objects that were not created on your site. For example, if someone creates a report in TOP and then transports in to CHILD, this report becomes "read only" on that site.

I hope this helps you a bit


fc1.jpg (52.9 kB)
fc2.jpg (16.9 kB)
fc3.jpg (53.3 kB)
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Hi Marc,

your answer is very helpful.

We did some site profiles, but cannot change/delete it.

As I read from User guide we can change/delete it, but we can't:

(I tried to change/delete in TOP site, there profile was created)

In Security tab of profile "Owner site" field is empty:

But during createtion process (before Save button) of profile "Owner site" field is normal:

Why so?

I did something wrong or it is bug of FC?

BOFC 10.1 SP04

Marc Kuipers
Mar 10, 2017 at 11:04 PM

Hi Daulet,

Something is not correct in your DB

The Owner should definitely show up, see my example:

Could you run this SQL and show the result

select * from ct_site;


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Hi Marc,

select * from ct_site attached.


ct-site.txt (896 B)
Daulet Ujurganov Mar 15, 2017 at 05:35 AM

Hi Marc,

is there something incorrect?

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Yes, you have 4 sites, all called ""0100.EDU" with different ranges

Not sure how you managed to do all this - but that table is not correct. You may want to start over, or open an incident with SAP