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Jul 07, 2006 at 11:41 PM

Hierarchy with External Characteristics


I have a request to create a hierarchy for a BEX query that is based on a combination of WBS Element and COORDER. I see that I can change either of these InfoObjects to allow External Characteristics and I have done this.

This hierarchy is to show costs by Project Manager. Each Project Manager can have many projects and each project can have many WBS Elements plus individual orders or nothing but individual orders. I've built the hierarchy and it works in the query as far as how the results are displayed. But I am only getting costs associated with WBS Elements not with orders. (I should add that we do not post to WBS Elements, we assign WBS Elements to orders and we post costs to orders so WBS Element is an attribute of COORDER).

For instance, one project manager could have 2 projects; Project 1 includes all orders associated with WBS Element 1 (so I assign the value for WBS Element 1 to a node); Project 2 includes all orders related to WBS Element 2 as well as Order 1 and Order 2 (which are assigned WBS Element 3 but I don't want all of the orders assigned to WBS Element 3 so I assing WBS Element 2 to a node, Order 1 to a node and Order 2 to a node).

Here is what it looks like:

1 0HIER_NODE PROGMGR1 (child ID = 2; next = 4)

2 0HIER_NODE PROJECT1 (parent ID = 1; child = 3)

3 0WBS_ELEMT 1 (parent ID = 2)

4 0HIER_NODE PROJECT2 (parent ID = 1; child = 5)

5 OWBS_ELEMT 2 (parent ID = 4, next = 6)

6 0COORDER 1 (parent ID = 4, next = 7)

7 0COORDER 2 (parent ID = 4)

I get all of the costs for both projects that are associated with WBS 1 and 2 but none of the costs for the two orders not related to a specific WBS Element.

I have created a selection variable to use the hieracrchy when selecting the query results. What is the point of assigning External Characteristics in a hierarchy? I understand logically why my query doesn't select the costs associated with the orders since my hierarchy is based on WBS Element not order. I've tried including the WBS Element associated with the individual orders in the hierarchy with the thought of restricting those particular nodes down to the specific orders in a structure in my query but I can't seem to figure that out either.

Can anyone give me any ideas on how to do this?


Barb Bunker

Puget Sound Energy