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Show keys in dropdown lists in web gui (SAP UI5)

Mar 07, 2017 at 09:59 AM


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We are doing tests with SAP S4HANA 1610 and will present this to some stake holders shortly. We will make the presentation in the web gui and start from the Fiori Launchpad. During our testrun we received feedback that users miss the keys in dropdown lists when in the web gui.

Here is an example from VA01 in the webgui. As you can see there are no keys here for Leveransspärr (Delivery Block).

Compare with SAP "classic" GUI. Here we have activated show keys in drop down lists.

Does someone know a way to activate keys also in web gui?

I have done some searches and found for example the following:

I went into SICF and added the service parameter from the above link but I still dont the any keys in the webgui.

I also searched SAP notes and found an issue regarding this parameter but it doesn't apply to us are we are on kernel level 749.

It's probably obvious that this is not my area but there is no technical resource available to me now so I'm hoping that someone here knows the answer. Any feedback is appreciated.

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Oisin ONidh
Mar 07, 2017 at 05:24 PM

Hello Rickard,

issue here could be the place you added the parameter in SICF? This is from viewing the lasts screenshot.

Start transaction SICF

Open the corresponding tree nodes for the service you would like to modify i.e webgui

> default host ->sap -> bc -> gui -> sap -> its -> webgui

Select 'Test service' from context menu of the service node i.e: Right Click -> Test Service

This will launch the "webgui" service in the browser - from here logon to system again.

If you call transaction VA01 from here and are are able to reproduce the issue - this this is where the

paramater should be set in SICF

> default host ->sap -> bc -> gui -> sap -> its -> webgui -> 'GUI Configuration and NOT "default host"

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Awesome - That solved my problems! A big golden star to you :) !

Is there a parameter also to sort based on the key instead of the description?

Rickard Almqvist Mar 08, 2017 at 10:00 AM

I found it: ~WEBGUI_COMBOBOX_SORTED_BY_KEYS with value = 1

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