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Jul 07, 2006 at 05:16 PM

Resource Renderer question


Hi all,

I'm trying to modify the output of the 'News' collaboration room part. I want to make it so that the title of each news item is a little bigger than the description which shows up below it. The 'News' iview that I'm speaking about is based on the iview, which can be found in Content Administration -> Portal Content -> -> Template and Part Content -> Homer -> iViews.

I understand that I need to modify the resource renderer that's mentioned in the layout set which is referenced by the iview. I have created a copy of the layout set that's referenced by the iview, which is AppBulletinBoardExplorer. I have tried tinkering with the resource renderer, which is called AppBulletinBoardResourceRenderer. I've tried changing the Primary Text Style to different settings, but nothing seems to make it change. I believe that what may be getting in the way is the flavor for this resource renderer, which is called 'Second_Level'. I tried playing around with this flavor setting but the changes are too extreme when changing from 'Second_Level'.

Can anyone tell me how to change the output of this iview to make it behave like I want it to?


-Stephen Spalding

Web Developer