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Mar 07, 2017 at 09:19 AM

xsi type= "dynamic object"


Hi all,

I have a integration Proxy-->PO-->SOAP. We are using a standard XSD imported as an external definition to comunicate with the third party with several operations (below)

The message structure which must be send to third party is:

Out operation "ConfigurationBatch" is (below)

I need to add the attribute "xsi:type" to a specific tag "ConfigurationUpdate"

The schema relies on the “xsi:type” feature available in XML Schema Instance namespace ( Xsi:type is a re-define or extension mechanism. It operates based on information in the XML instance. So the actual re-define isn’t in the schema, but it is created at run-time.

is it posible create a xslt for example to do this?




operations.jpg (73.6 kB)
xsidynamic.jpg (121.7 kB)