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How to read the version string in SAP Sybase ASE

Hi All,

Please help me to understand the different values which displayed by select @@version and sp_version procs. As in above snap installcommit script shows the old version 15.0.3 , which usually happens when we manually install the scripts from isql -i and this one seems missed.

And above dataserver -v and dataserver --sbssav.

Please throw some light , thanks in advance.



ase1.png (52.6 kB)
ase2.png (14.8 kB)
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1 Answer

  • Posted on Mar 07, 2017 at 08:22 PM

    Hi Pankaj,

    Some of this is in the documentation, see

    In the @@version string

    "Adaptive Server Enterprise" is the product name
    "15.7" is the major product version
    "EBF 23820" is the platform-specific patch identifier
    "SP132" is the patch level.
    "P" stands for "Production"
    "RS6000" is the hardware platform
    "AIX 6.1" is the OS version the binary was compiled on
    "ase157sp131x" is the internal name of the codeline branch in ASE's sourcecode revision control system
    "3919" is an internal build number
    "64-bit" - details if this is a 32-bit executable or a 64-bit executable

    "FBO" - stands for "FeedBack Optimizer" - the binary was created using the compiler's feedback optimization flags. The "dataserver" binary
    is compiled with FBO, the "diagserver" binary is compiled without all the optimization tricks for use under debuggers such as gdb and dbx.

    "Tue Jan 20 04:15:36 2015" The time when the binary was compiled (not sure if it is the start or end time).

    Yes, looks like "installcommit" was either not run for a long time, or maybe an old version of it has been run most recently.

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