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Jul 07, 2006 at 11:05 AM

Migration of SAP SEM 3.2 to SAP BI 7.0


Hi All,

Let me give you a background.

The customer has:

SAP BW 3.1

SEM-BPS 3.2.

<b>Only the BPS functionality (of SEM) is being used by the customer.</b>

Now the customer wants to upgrade to SAP BI 7.0 and wants to consolidate everything (i.e. SAP BW 3.1 and SEM-BPS 3.2 in SAP BI 7.0).

We asked SAP for the migration plan/path for SAP SEM-BPS 3.2 to SAP BW-BPS 7.0. However there was no definite answer. Hence we have decided to transport the current application in SEM-BPS 3.2 to SAP BI 7.0. Now my questions:

1. Is there any migration plan/path. If there is kindly send me the link.

2. If my approach is correct then what are the things that I should be careful about during transports.

Like there are cubes with millions of records then after transporting them to BI 7.0 I need to reload them. Any other...

Some information: As of now customer is not concerned with new functionalities that BI 7.0 offers (in terms of BPS) it just wants its functionality on the BI 7.0.