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Jul 07, 2006 at 09:31 AM

Help on eCATT (Set skipped...)


Hi all,

I need some help because i can't find anything online.

I'm trying to make a very simple eCATT program, with XD01 transaction (Customer creation). I do that with TCD (report) and the transfer is good.

But there is my problem :

When i run this program, the system always give me, at the first screen, a default number for the customer. It make the system ask me to erase it before it could begin the creation with an internal number.

I tried to "set" an empty field, but in the log, i get, instead of the "set performed icon", a "set skipped" one, and the field is one more time filled with a default number...

Is there a solution to clean my customer number field ?

I thank you all.