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Jul 07, 2006 at 07:23 AM

0CO_OM_OPA_6 creation time for delta Q in R/3


Hi all,

Once a month a job on R/3 runs to generate the actual costs/billing for CS-orders. These are then picked up by datasource 0CO_OM_OPA_6 for transfer to BW where the month-end reports can be made.

The monthly R/3 job runs on the 4th of each month at 22:00 and takes about 2 hours. Our BW transaction data is loaded at +/- 01:00 every day (3 hours later), so there is one hour to spare. However, the changed data is not transferred to BW on the 5th at 01:00, it only comes in on the 6th.

I'd like to know what happens in that hour between 0:00 and 01:00 which causes the delta queue not to be ready for loading into BW. Does it take that long for records to be put into a delta queue? Is it like the verbucher job in a LIS-datasource (only much slower)? (I figured one hour to be more than enough, but obviously it isn't...)

The customer want to see the results the next day, so we can reschedule the jobs and process chains.

But I hope someone can tell me a bit more on how it works (technically).