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Former Member
Jul 06, 2006 at 06:09 PM

SmartForm Calculations


I have a calculation I would like to do within my SmartForm. I know that I can do it in my print program and then pass the calculations as variables, but I would prefer to do it within my Smart Form.

Basically I have a Table in the Smart Form and I would like to keep an continuous calculation going though all the records ...

e.g. WA_MYTABLE-Field1 + WA_MYTABLE-Field2 * 100

and then at the end of the table in the footer, I would like to print the result.

I can do the calculations within the table itself by creating a Program line and doing the calculations within it and placing them into a field called MYCALC. I can even print the results with the table itself, but I cannot print the results at the end of the table in the footer area .... it says my MYCALC has no defined value.

Can anyone help?