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Former Member
Jul 06, 2006 at 04:58 PM

SEM-BCS - Currency Bearing Unit / Multiple Group Currencies


Anyone got experience of SEM-BCS implementations where the profit centre and the company code have differing local currencies (eg Company Code 1001 is GBP and PC 90001 is EUR)?

If I was to consolidate using a matrix, I'd need to state that either the CC or PC was the <i>currency-bearing unit</i> - but then I would not be able to report in the other unit's currency.

Otherwise I assume I could use 2 consolidation areas, with different group currencies. However, to add further complication, multiple group currencies would still be required for other co codes (JPY, USD...) and profit centres (AUD, CAD...).

Have you any experience of using multiple group currencies in BCS?

Any experience of using different currencies per view (legal v management)?

All suggestions and comments welcome.