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Jul 06, 2006 at 02:49 PM

How to determine role authorization of user in MAM?


Hi everyone,

I'm new to SAP and SAP MI, and I am currently implementing (or "enhancing") a MAM. I have the following question on user authorization:

  • In terms of role authorizations, does anyone know how I can determine what roles an authenticated user have from SAP? For example, if user A logs into the MI Client, and if this user accesses the MAM, is there a way for the MAM to know what kind of user roles he/she has? Is there a SyncBo that will give me such info? I checked the JavaDocs for the SyncBo's, but they have NO descriptions. The closest thing that I found was in MAM090 (Interface There are getter methods for getRoleGen(), getProfileResource(), and getPartnerRole(). Are any of these usable?

  • Are there any good documents that I can look at to determine what each SyncBo's does?

Many thanks!