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Mar 06, 2017 at 10:26 PM

ABAP CDS View with Parameters integration into an Open ODS


Greetings :),

I am using a S4HANA system - On Premise on version 1610.
I have created a custom CDS view with input parameters that works just fine independently. I am now trying to move to a mixed modelling scenario to leverage BW InfoObjects. With CDS views without parameters I am used to simply leverage an Open ODS with info objects mapping to most important fields and I am ready to consume in a composite provider.

When i have now the CDS view has input parameters I am unable to integrate the view with the Open ODS and therefore I am stuck. Any suggestion? I looked around in documentation and I do not see this scenario to be either confirmed or marked as not supported.

Looking forward to the help of this fantastic group.
I know I could remove the parameters from the CDS view and re-create in Query Design, but then I will need to have 2 copies: one for direct consumption and one for BW integration. Moreover often I only extend standard SAP views that already have a parameter integrated (eg. language, key date for the GL 04)

Alex Marvaldi