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Planning Procedure in PP/DS...don't think it is doing what we expext it to do...

Hello Gurus,

Have a serious but complicated(at least for me) with respect to CTP and Planning Procedures. We are on CTP/ Block Planning combo since 2 years. Now we encountered a new situation and we thought we would nail it. But looks like we have not.


  1. Material is produced in Plant A.
  2. Sold directly to customer.
  3. Gets Dependent Demand from other material
  4. We want to confirm the Dependent Demands with only available receipts and not create a Planned Order.
  5. But we want the Sale Order to be confirmed with either the Av Stock/Receipts, if no stock create a Planned Order(Normal CTP Scenario)
  6. Since this scenario could not be handed thru 'Check Instructions', we decided to take the Planning Procedure route.
  7. Our Planning Procedure 'O' has CTP Heuristic, ABAP Class /SAPAPO/CL_RRP_CTP and Direct Production indicated by check box in the first image.This Direct Production is the KEY requirement as it enables 'swapping'.Top Picture in the attachment.
  8. It also has 3 events which clearly tell it what to for those specific events. This is the other picture where events and actions have been customized.
  9. With this setting we expect it to work as CTP for Sale order events and just cover the other 2 requirements(STO/DepReqs) from only existing receipts.
  10. What we are seeing is the STO/DepReqs scenario works perfectly but Sale Order scenario does not create a Planned Order when there is not enough stock to cover the Sales Order.

Can anybody point to something we might have missed, Please?


Subash Nanjangud

pl-procedure-o.png (100.6 kB)
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