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Jul 05, 2006 at 08:18 PM

Mapping and global container?


I have to map single different field IN_F1 to three output fields..

1) map the input field value IN_F1 to output field value OUT_F1


a) based on the INPUT field value , conditionally map incremental numbers to OUT_F2. For example, if IN_F1 is 'X', OUT_F2 will be '01' and second time around I will increment it to '02'.

b) Same condition as 2a, but move the incremented value from OUT_F2 to OUT_F3 in different node.

I am planning to set global container in step 2a. And then use that global container in step 2b to fill OUT_F3. My question is will steps 2a and 2b always follow the order? Since my field OUT_F3 occurs in node after OUT_F2, 2a should always get executed first. Is this assumption right?

I am actually invoking standard BAPI.. Would it be better to do all this steps in XI to fill std. BAPI structure or create a custom RFC to do this?