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Jul 05, 2006 at 06:47 PM

date format issues in BDC session.



I wrote a BDC program. I programmed it for the date format mm/dd/yyyy. This works fine when I run the BDC session on my R/3 client.

When the support group runs the same BDC session, they get an error message "Enter date in mm.dd.yyyy".


Why is there a difference when I run the program, or, when a person from the support group runs the program on a different client of the same server.

Could we both be having different settings for date entry for the R/3 client?

If so where can I change the settings for a client from the mm.dd.yyyy format to mm/dd/yyyy format or vice versa?

The code I am using to create the mm/dd/yyyy date from Sy-datum is:

move sy-datum to adjdat.
CONCATENATE adjdat-mm '/' adjdat-dd '/' adjdat-yyyy INTO formatted_date.

Is there any generic code I can write so the date adjusts to the current user settings?

Thank you for your help.