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Jul 05, 2006 at 04:36 PM

Cache does not show all config items


SXI_CACHE is not showing all my config items.

When looking at SXI_CACHE, I noticed that only the config items pertaining to actual SAP services (Business Systems) seem to show up?? Is this normal? I've refreshed the cache (both delta, and full).

Also, when I double-click on Services, all the services show up, but the ones that are not actual SAP systems have an 'X' in the 'Flag' column ("Event has occurred") What does that mean?


We are in the prototype stage; I am the only one in the box. I created a simple File-BAPI scenario just to demonstrate that things worked. For the last couple months, the comm channel was set to Inactive. Attempted to reActivate the comm channel to get back in to it, and it's not working. I've double-checked everything I can think of, from the obvious (is there a file to be pulled), to the not-so-obvious (was the scenario changed by someone else in my absence).

Also, there are not sender agreements listed in SXI_CACHE?

Thanks in advance,