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Jul 05, 2006 at 03:07 PM

Shopping cart items revert to "Awaiting Approval"


Hello all,

I have situation where manager approved partially shopping cart. When requestor checks the shopping cart some items are in status "Rejected" and some in "Approved".

Afterwards requestor just accept changes. When he press "Accept Changes" status of approved items is reverted to "Awaiting Approval".

Funny thing is that when I check item, "Approval" is showing that item is approved by manager and "Follow-on Document" is showing "Awaiting Approval"

Checking of shopping cart via BBP_PD gives information for header "I1106 Shopping cart ordered" and for workflow status is COMPLETED. There is no any alert.

BBP_WFL_SECURITY is set to "Low" for both roles, but behaviour is the same for all levels.