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Mar 06, 2017 at 03:17 PM

UI5 routing issue/Advice


We have a landing page whereby a decision is made as to what journey the client needs to take using the app. Let's assume we have journey 1,2, and 3. We have 3 XML views and controllers for this journey, and only one will ever be called. The landing page controller decides which of the 3 journeys/views it needs to navigate to. At present though only 1 of these views exists (MainView1). So far so good.

Eventually each of the three views will contain a specific IconTabBar for the journey and these tabs will call views (in the XML) using the method


So, at present MainView1 (representing Journey1) has an IconTabBar whereby one of the tabs calls and displays the view "SomeKindaView". This view has a button to display further data in another view, say "SomeKindaView2" and it may navigate to this using self.getOwnerComponent().getRouter().navTo("SomeKindaView2"); in its controller. The view "SomeKindaView2" also has a back button function, something like:

_self.getRouter().navTo("Mainview1", {} , true );

All this works fine via routing, but, the immediate navigation shown on the above line will always nav back to MainView1, however, I need it to navigate back to MainView1, or MainView2 or MainView3 depending on the journey defined in the landing page. This journey will probably be recorded in a JSON object in the controller of the landing page.

How can I decide which MainView to navigate back to?. I guess I could set a JSON object, say "ojourney" to contain either 'MainView1, 2 or 3' depending on the journey, and then perhaps use:

_self.getRouter().navTo("{/ojourney}", {} , true );

Is that likely to work?.