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Error while backup the Db

Mar 06, 2017 at 02:47 PM


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i experts

when am trying to manually Backup the data base in SQL SERVER 2012

am getting an error which is blocking the Backup, i try to back in C\: as well as in F\:

both getting different error, i try by restarting the server, still the problem exist.

pls consider it as an urgent one and help me to sort it out


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2 Answers

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Johan Hakkesteegt Mar 07, 2017 at 07:32 AM


The error for the C-drive is about access rights. The windows user under which SQL Server is running the backup job, does not have the rights to the folder you have specified.

The error for the F-drive implies that the disk is full. However, the same insufficient access rights can also cause this error.

Please first check that the F-drive really has enough empty space. You can also test by using an external storage device (USB drive, etc.)



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Thanks Joha for the Replay

As per F\: there is a space of 668 GB, its total space is 1TB (External HDD)

when am trying to copy to a folder inside C\: then its copying, when i try to copy Directly to C\: it returning error



In that case simply create a folder named DATABASE_BACKUPS, and create the backups to that folder.


Dear Johan,

but i need to have the backup via RSP to the External HDD, any solution for that



What I meant was to create the DATABASE_BACKUPS folder on the F-drive.

Shahan Shams Mar 07, 2017 at 10:04 AM

Dear Johan

The issue is fixed, it was as issue in User Right, it working now

Thanks for the support


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Your're welcome.

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