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Jul 05, 2006 at 08:05 AM

XI on a VMware Workstation


Good day mates.

This is more of a BASIS question but i hope some XI developers experienced or know this issue:

I'm installing an XI system on my laptop using VMware - Workstation version.

During the database instance Installation phase 16(Database Load) the installation is looping on the same job again and again and the phase never finishes. no critical errors shown.

I'd like to know if any one here knows :

1.Is it possible to install XI 3.0 on a VMware-workstation.

2.If so what might be the problem?

this is the trace of the phase:

<b>TRACE [iaxxbdbld.cpp:985]

CR3ldStep::startR3ldProcesses lib=iamodload module=CR3ldStepTST_RUNNING: 5