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Jul 05, 2006 at 05:33 AM

EP Backup on NW04s



We have installed EP as the usage type on NW04s with Oracle as backend.

We now need to form a backup strategy for DEV, QA and production.

I understand that the database needs to be backed up on a regular basis and /usr/sap after an upgrade to SP.

During earlier versions SDM directory had to be backed up after a deployment.

I have the following questions:

- Should we consider RMAN as the backup strategy? The only use of RMAN is incremental backups. Is there any other use? I am a bit confused in deciding whether to use RMAN or not. brtools have sufficed in the past, but just wanted to know if RMAN has any significant advantage

- Does /usr/sap needs to be backed up at regular intervals or only after SP is applied?

- Has anyone recovered the database successfully using an online backup?