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Jul 04, 2006 at 02:17 PM

using CRM PCUI



I got a question about using CRM PCUI.

My solution is CRM 4 PCUI 602 and got some questions about the detail view.

If you using the Accounts application and searching for an account.. now you got a list with accounts that matches your search. If you press on a search result, a new table under will open with tabs like Interaction History, Activities, Opportunities and so on.

When pressing the tab Opportunities, the Opportunities is listed. What i want, is to go on one of thoose Opportunities and se the whole. Not just the sampled field that this table brings like Trans. Type, Description and so on.

I can open the application Opportunities to perform my task, but i find this a rather bothersome.

So my question is as follow:

Is it possible to open an Opportunities (or Activity for thats sake) from a search on an account?

Hope you can answere my question!

Best regards,

Kristoffer Engh

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