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Jul 04, 2006 at 02:07 PM

How to modify a read only field in SAP Txn to modifyable field



There is an SAP transaction CC02, Program SAPMC29C, Screen 0110. On this screen when I modify the field "Valid From", belonging to Table Name RC29A, Field Name DATUV, Data Element CC_DATUV, we get an error message which needs to be suppressed. The error message gets triggered by a workflow. Below are the details of the workflow message.

Created       Consult1  on   06/30/2006   15:34:35  

Update was terminated

User.....   Consult1
Transaction..   CC02
Update key...   44A52A130759164FE10000000A010905
Generated....   30.06.2006, 15:34:33
Completed....   30.06.2006, 15:34:35

So here go the questions:

Is it possible to modify an SAP transaction CC02, Program SAPMC29C, Screen 0110, such that this error message can be suppressed.

If so, what should I do to modify the program such that the error message can be suppressed. Is there a way to do this in a way that the SAP transaction integrity is maintained, while the modification persists in case of an upgrade?

Any help would be appreciated. Any links, development procedures???

Thank You.