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Is it possible to intentionally break a delta link between 2 portal objects

Mar 06, 2017 at 12:05 PM


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Hello all,

The situation is that a role A was created as a delta link of role B by mistake (both are unrelated). And this is obviously creating problems for role A.

so, is it possible to break this delta link relationship between these 2 roles, instead of taking the longer route of creating a new role from scratch, because this affects all users assigned this role already in production environment.

any thoughts are appreciated.



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1 Answer

Christopher Solomon
Mar 06, 2017 at 01:06 PM

yes....very possible.

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Thanks Christopher, could you tell me how :)


Simply break the link. Update whatever property(s) on the "copy" and make it its own version. Google helps. Lots of info out there.


Thanks Christopher. However my issue is not with inheriting a property's value which I can easily change as you've said. In my case, I do not want the child to inherit the content (like new objects added to parent role).

That's the relation I want to break, defined by the property - URL of Delta Link Source Object - as if it was created as a 'copy' and not 'delta link'.


Poke around. There is some way....I recall.....where you can simply say "no longer delta link this copy" has been a while, but I know it is there....a way to end all/any inheritiance.