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Jul 04, 2006 at 01:33 AM

Sending Mail via BSP


hi all,

i have a problem in sending mail via bsp.

the case is i want to send reminder from e-portal. in order to do that i made a new bsp page and a new function modul.

the bsp page is used for user interface and the function modul is used for the process for sending mail.

in the function modul i send the mail via api.

the bsp page and function modul is already finish. but when i testing them, the mail is not sent into mail inbox.

if i checked in sap outbox, the mail sent via bsp is exists.

i try to debug it the code for bsp page and function modul is already ok, no error occured.

is there any clue why this happened ?

is there any thing else that need to be config or set ?

please help