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Former Member
Jul 03, 2006 at 08:32 PM

SolMan 4 Java Installation/Patching Questions


Hi all,

We had our SolMan 4.0 system installed and configured several months ago. We have a java instance, but do not appear to have any components installed.

I want to install the JSPM, NWA, and SMD tools on the system, but I have been unable to determine which other components are also required.

I have searched through various upgrade and installation manuals, as well as through these forums and many notes, but I am unable to find any sort of list that details which java components need to be installed to run the tools listed above.

I would guess that the following patches are required: J2EE ENGINE CORE TOOLS, LIFECYCLE MGMT TOOLS, SAP J2EE Engine, SAP J2EE Engine Core. I do not know if this list is correct though.

I am looking forward to your responses.