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PB 12.5 Soap Connection, Bad Runtime Function Reference

Mar 06, 2017 at 09:56 AM


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Dear All Masters,

- My email is

- Using PB12.5 in Windows 7 32 bit platform.

- I develop a simple program consume a web service following the below steps.

I successfully run when it is alone. However I try to rewrite the code and implement it into one production program. I got this error message.

"E3181- Error Number 21

Error text = Bad runtime function reference at line 29 in clicked event of object cb_retrieve of w_nvs009_maintain_case_q01.

Window/Menu/Object = w_nvs009_maintain_case_q01

Error Object/Control = cb_retrieve

Script = clicked."

- A gentleman asked similar question before in here.

However I do not know how to do and how to check. Also how to add in if missing.

- My senior tried to link my successful one into the production program. It also comes out the above error. My code is listed below for reference.

long l_rc

soapconnection conn

oponlinesoapservice lnv_webservice

opcar mycar //web service field

opuser myuser //web service field

strings_color, s_id

lnv_webservice= Create oponlinesoapservice

mycar = create opcar

myuser = Create opuser = sle_id.text

myuser.age = integer(sle_age.text) = sle_name.text

myuser.remark = sle_remark.text

//Sample input parameter

// = '2'

//myuser.age = 1

// = 'alex'

//myuser.remark = 'test'

conn = create soapconnection

l_rc = conn.createinstance( lnv_webservice, "oponlinesoapservice")


messagebox("Connection ready?", l_rc)//0=ok, 100=invalid proxy name, 101=fail to create proxy


mycar = lnv_webservice.buycar(myuser)

s_id = mycar.licenseplateno

mle_result.text = s_color + " " + s_id

catch (soapexception e)

messagebox("error", e.getmessage())


destroy conn

end try

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2 Answers

Mar 06, 2017 at 02:15 PM


Did you deploy the librairies

pbwsclient125.pbd or pbsoapclient125.pbd

depending on if you use .Net engine or Soap Engine.



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Wing Keung Leung Mar 17, 2017 at 03:10 AM

Dear Abdallah,

Thank you for your prompt response. pbwsclient125.pbx is imported. I follow the steps in


I successfully run my web service client in standalone. However I do not know how to put my standalone web service client into my other PB program. I named it, AAA_DEV

I tried to re-produce the steps in AAA_DEV under my Thomas pbl. Because AAA_DEV has its own Workspace. I only create Project | Web Service Proxy Wizard | ..... I only ignore the creation of Workspace and Project step.

I successfully save it. However when run it. The system generates the error.

Line 26:

l_rc = conn.createinstance( lnv_webservice, "pp_onlinesoapservice")

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