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Jul 03, 2006 at 09:52 AM

Webadmin vs NetWeaver Administrator


Hi all,

hopefully someone can help me clear up something.

We have a CRM 4.0 system with a WebAS Java 6.40 SP9. This system has a J2EE Example: Web Administrator application (technical name: This is marked as an example tool, but seems very handy.

Then we have multiple other J2EE Engines 6.40 SP9 and much higher that do not have this webadmin tool anywhere at all. Instead there is the NetWeaver Administration tool (tech name: This is also nice but does not do what the webadmin tool does: providing a HTML interface for the Visual Administrator.

Why are only some J2EE Engines shipped with the webadmin tool and what is it's future?


Marcel Rabe