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Jul 03, 2006 at 09:21 AM

Source field of external definitions



Does the source field on the External definition tab handle relative paths (i.e. ../ )correctly or does xi just treat the source field as a string?

In my case I have two schemas schema1.xsd and schema2.xsd located in different paths:



Both are referring to CentralTypes.XSD located in the following path:


From Schema1.XSD and Schema2.XSD the refernce to CentralTypes.XSD is given using a relative path, thus

path ..\..\..\types\1.1\CentralTypes.XSD is used from schema1.XSD and

path ..\..\types\1.1\CentralTypes.XSD is used from schema2.XSD

(Notice the difference in relative path ..\..\.. versus ..\..)

My question is then what should I populate the Source Field of the CentralTypes.XSD entry with in order for both references to work?

Is there any solution other than alter the original schema files and use some kind of absolute path?

Kind regards Johan